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Lewa – Master of Jungle (0 Reviews)
Item number 70784
Number of pieces 85
Price Flag-US $14.99
Flag-DE €14,99
Flag-UK £12.99
Flag-AU $19.99

Additional prices:
Flag-BE 14,99 €
Flag-CA $17.99
Flag-CZ 399,00 Kč
Flag-FI 17,95 €
Flag-FR 14,99 €
Flag-HU 4490 Ft
Flag-IT 14,99 €
Flag-LU €14,99
Flag-NZ $24.99
Flag-NO 169,90 kr
Flag-ES 15,99 €
Flag-SE 179,00 kr
Ages 7-14
Released January 2015
Shop@Home Description:
Grab the Golden Jungle Mask with LEGO® BIONICLE® Lewa – Master of Jungle with convertible X-glider/battle axes and battle arm function.

Convert Lewa’s X-glider into 2 huge battle axes!

Match up against the evil Skull Spider with Lewa – Master of Jungle! Power up the dual-purpose X-glider to soar into the sky. When you spot the Skull Spider crawling from the ruins, swoop down to the ground and convert the X-glider into 2 massive battle axes. Prevent the thieving creature popping off Lewa’s mask using the 2 swords and turn the wheel to power up Lewa’s bashing battle arm. You must fight hard to protect the precious Golden Jungle Mask from the forces of evil.

  • Features a BIONICLE® head with mask and mask pop-off trigger, 2 BIONICLE shells, tribal chest decoration, convertible X-glider/battle axes, 2 swords, wheel-operated bashing battle arm function and posable joints
  • Also includes the Golden Jungle Mask and a dark blue Skull Spider
  • Fly high with the convertible X-glider
  • Transform the X-glider into 2 giant battle axes
  • Turn the wheel to power up the bashing battle arm
  • Don't let the Skull Spider pop off Lewa’s mask!
  • Battle for the Golden Jungle Mask
  • Highly posable and durable for intense action play
  • Combine with 70778 LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector of Jungle using building instructions available at to power up for ultra elemental battle!
  • Stands over 7” (20cm) tall
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