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Snowspeeder (0 Reviews)
Item number 7130
Number of pieces 212
Minifigures Luke Skywalker (Rebel Pilot)

Dak Ralter
Rebel Soldier (Hoth)

Price Flag-US $19.99
Ages 7 - 12
Released 1999
Theme Star Wars
Shop@Home Description:
Delay Imperial troops in the snowspeeder!

On the frozen planet Hoth, Imperial walkers search for the Rebel's hidden base. Join Luke Skywalker and Alliance Pilot Dack in the snowspeeder as they try to delay the attack long enough for the Rebels to escape. The Hoth trooper uses his radar to locate the snowspeeder. But Luke knows no fear - the snowspeeder is armed for battle with two forward laser cannons and a rear facing harpoon gun.

Minifigure Gallery:
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