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Corroder (0 Reviews)
Item number 7156
Number of pieces 40
Price Flag-US $12.99
Flag-DE €12.99
Flag-UK £9.99
Flag-AU $19.99
Ages 7 - 16
Released July 13, 2010
Theme Hero Factory
Shop@Home Description:
Nothing can escape from Corroder’s toxic terror!

Calling all heroes! Stay far away from Corroder, Von Nebula’s newest henchman but don’t be fooled! This villain is lethal in close combat, running on all fours and attacking with razor claws, a spiked head and corrosive spit! So don’t get too close to this bad bot or you’ll pay the price!

  • Charges enemies with his spiked head!
  • Beware of this bot’s corrosive spit!
  • Armed with a Meteor Blaster, razor sharp claws and horn!
  • Stands over 7” (17cm) tall!
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