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Rotor (0 Reviews)
Item number 7162
Number of pieces 145
Price Flag-US $19.99
Flag-DE €19.99
Flag-UK £14.99
Flag-AU $39.99
Ages 8 - 16
Released July 2010
Theme Hero Factory
Shop@Home Description:
Attack from every direction with Rotor!

Incoming object identified as villain Rotor, one of Von Nebula’s most dangerous minions. Capable of incredible speeds and mobility with his helicopter jet pack, Rotor uses his lethal biohazard gas to attack from every direction! Get too close and the whir of his rotors might be the last sound you’ll ever hear!

  • Armed with biohazard gas shooter and meteor blaster!
  • Helicopter jet pack spans over 10” (25cm)!
  • Over 8” (20 cm) tall!
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