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Jimi Stringer (0 Reviews)
Item number 7170
Number of pieces 17
Price Flag-US $7.99
Flag-DE €9.99
Flag-UK £7.99
Flag-AU $15.99

Additional prices:
Flag-NZ $17.99
Ages 6-16
Released July 2010
Theme Hero Factory
Shop@Home Description:
Stringer’s sonic powers blast the enemy away!

Mess with Stringer of the Alpha team and prepare to feel the sonic boom! This slick and skilled hero is feared by Von Nebula’s brood as a powerful veteran bot. He fights alongside his fellow heroes, delivering swift justice with his sonic-charged weapon.

  • The most skilled and advanced member of the Alpha team!
  • Armed with built-in multi-functional sonic blaster!
  • Equipped with removable hero core, high-tech air armor and a helmet with camera and communications headset with camera!
  • Over 6” (15cm) tall!
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