Thanks for seeing my review! Anyways, I loved this set, as it included tons of mummy's and a cool plane. So I was really excited about this set when I heard of it. Anyways, I am going to split this into 3 parts: Minifigures, Parts, and Packaging and Manual.


Ok. The minifigures, are yellow colored and seem really old. However, the two mummies were awesome and had wings. I loved the pilot parts added to the mummies. However, the wings are very annoying as they can't really fit everywhere and they shake. Still, all are cool and I rate them all about 4/5!


Ok, I was really happy here. I thought the plane was really cool and all, but the other part of the set is really boring and the stickers are hard to put on. Still I was happy with the plane and had fun building it. It was amazing. The cool thing about the plane is the fact that it actually has some moving parts, and 2 machine guns. So I rate 3/5.

Packaging and Manual

The set came in a box (which was very accurate), which included plastic bags splitting the pieces into three bags: big pieces, small pieces, and smaller pieces. The manual was helpful. At least it was accurate. This is really the end of this section. So 3/5.

Value for Money:
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star gray 4 / 5
Instruction Manual/Packaging:
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star gray Star gray 3 / 5
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star gray 4 / 5


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