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This set is $20 in the US, it includes 3 figs and is 195 pieces. So let's go to the outskirts of the city to pursue Aldrich Killian!


Nothing entirely special here, it shows you the playset and a nice Iron Man rendering. Also including the mandatory LEGO Club seal on the bottom of the box.

The Set

The main highlight of the set is the boat. The boat is a REALLY easy build but is so effective for an evil doer's boat. It includes 2 levers in the back that you push down to shoot out our favorite projectiles! Flick fires!. While that is one of the problems with the boat, I don't mind it as the boat is actually quite roomy. You can hide Aldrich from the two Iron Plated heroes where he can also find his weapon of choice. Dynamite, which brings me to the next minor flaw. Who put's dynamite in the front of their boat? I mean. If someone has electrical power in the mass amounts Iron Man does 1 shot to the hull could easily blow up a boat... Also With that much room in a boat I think an engine would be nicer than the bouy... Onto the bouy now, It is so simple but it has a nice feature. The top blows off which is as useless as flick fires but at least they don't use it in every set... Well they kinda do but that's not a huge problem.

The Figs

The Mark 42 Suit is a greatly detailed figure that is exclusive to two sets. The detail is flawless but the fact that the legs were deformed in the box was a disappointment but I can't dock the points off the set because it's a one in a hundred chance to get a deformed piece.

War Machine is a perfect figure that is good for your collection. The figure is exclusive and surprisingly strays away from Tony's suit designs. I think LEGO not only did perfectly on their figs, they had to make the suits so perfect that the printing was too awesome for the set so they made the demise of the set also known as the worst plot twist of the century...

Aldrich Killian. While his torso is the only good thing about him, I cant find myself to complain about the face. It's glow in the dark! What child doesn't want a scary red marked face glowing in their room at night? Hah, well considering how many parents let their children watch PG-13 rated movies I'd assume a lot. Other than the torso and Extremis face I truthfully have to say this fig was the demise of the set...


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