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MT-51 Claw Tank Ambush (0 Reviews)
Item number 7697
Number of pieces 374
Minifigures Astronaut
Alien (2)
Price Flag-US $29.99
Flag-UK £19.99
Released 2007
Theme Space
    Mars Mission
Shop@Home Description:
The ultimate robotic tank!

With its disc shooter, storage tanks, and a powerful claw for capturing crystals and alien attackers, the hi-tech MT-51 Claw-Tank is ready to defend the Mars Mission team against the alien strike ship. Includes futuristic mining tank, alien strike ship, astronaut minifigure and 2 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures! Features working treads, rolling wheels and poseable arms to vanquish any foe! Load and launch the disk shooter! MT-51 Claw-Tank turns 360 degrees to capture any alien!

Minifigure Gallery:
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