Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers (1 Review)
7962 box
Item number 7962
Number of pieces 808
Minifigures Anakin Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Price Flag-US $89.99
Flag-DE €99.99
Flag-UK £81.99
Flag-AU $149.99

Additional prices:
Flag-FR 99.90 €
Flag-NZ $179.99
Ages 9 - 14
Released August 2011 (US),June 2011 (Europe)
Theme Star Wars
    Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Shop@Home Description:
Pilot the Podracers™ at the Boonta Eva Classic!

It’s the final lap of the Boonta Eva Classic Podrace! Anakin and his rival, Sebulba, are side by side as they approach the finish line, but look out! Sebulba is extending his buzz saws and trying to knock Anakin out of the race! Use the Force to beat Sebulba to the finish and win Anakin his freedom!

  • Includes 5 minifigures: young Anakin Skywalker, Sebulba, Watto, Wald and Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Features translucent elements and realistic details
  • Extend the buzz saws on Sebulba’s Podracer!
  • Use the Podracer’s handles to fly through the air!
  • Slip the Podracers into their bases for play and display!
  • Spin the massive motors of Subulba’s Podracer!
  • Podracers measure over 13” (33cm) long, 4” (10cm) wide and 4” (10cm) tall
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