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We finally got new Podracers! So,lets split this review up in sections.


  1. Obi-Wan; Well, he wasnt even in this scene of the movie,though I think they did it because people wanted a new Padawan variation of him. Great figure, nice detail,printing, and accesories.
  2. Watto; "UUUUH!! JEDI! I didnt do it!" Watto's pretty accurate and cool to have. His detail is cool,and his headpiece makes him look fat. though, His Wings are made of rubber..
  3. Anakin; Brand new podracer version,we havent got him for years!
  1. Sebulba; Great figure! His middle leg can hold part of his Podracer to remain seated.
  1. Wald; We've never got this figure before,he's great! he has blue eyes,like Onaconda Farr.

the set itself

I love it! It's so detailed! though it would be cool to include pit droids,or maybe one more Podracer,like the green one from the first Podrace set.

Pro's and cons


  1. Podracers
  2. Figures
  3. foldable Yellow engine things at Anakin's podracer
  4. Wald's first and currently only appearance!
  5. New Anakin as a kid!
  6. Buzz-saw things at Sebulba's podracer.


  1. Would be cool to include another podracer
  2. No Pit-Droids
  3. Sebulba's pidracer's kinda heavy.

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How would you rate this review?

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