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Nice set

I purchased this set at a local store recently and really liked it. It includes the Seabed Strider, a small pillar, Axel Storm and a Hammerhead warrior. The Seabed Strider is a small underwater vehicle mostly comprised of red, yellow, gray and black bricks. There are nine small stickers. The model has two movable flaps on the side, two propellers, two harpoon guns, two positionable arms on the front and movable handlebars for Axel Storm to hold on. The submarine's main play feature is the ability to transform from a submarine to an undersea mech. The joints are sturdy and move well. The pillar is small, being built of five pieces, and there is an Atlantis shield on top. The shield is printed- no sticker! Axel Storm is dressed in a redesigned diver's suit that is yellow instead of lime green. He is outfitted with diving flippers. (In my set, I got three extra pairs of flippers. Yeah!) The Hammerhead warrior is taller than a normal minifigure because of it's headpiece. It's head is TRANSPARENT red! Totally awesome! It is armed with a golden trident. Two small jewels are also included; one orange and one blue.


  • Cool parts
  • Cool transform feature
  • Shield is printed
  • Hammerhead warrior has a trans red head


  • None

Recommended for

  • ATLANTIS fans
  • Those who want the cool parts
  • Most anyone

Not recommended

  • Those who want maximum playability

Great little set!

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