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This is an Atlantis set released in 2009 for ages 6-12. It has 68 pieces and was on sale for $5.99/£4.99 which comes to a pleasing 9¢/7p per piece which is again due to the fact that the set only has one minifigure. That one minifigure is another diver, Axel Storm who is not exclusive.

The Build

This isn't a particularly challenging build but it is one that contains a lot of connecting axles and stickers which are notoriously fiddly especially with smaller fingers. But it is a small build with only 14 steps, although you do have to repeat a lot of steps in order to make the legs, so overall it can be a quick and easy build even for younger children and a great one at that to introduce them to harder sets.

The Crab

The crab like all Atlantis animals is a great build and also ingeniously simple yet always has loads of fascinating and fun features. One of the main ones are those 6 manoeuvrable legs which have two joint points at which the leg can bend meaning that you can pose it into loads of different shapes. The claws also are fantastic as they too can open and close, trapping an intrepid diver and squeezing the life out of him, or just to hold on tightly to that all important key. Another great thing about these creatures are the design of them, such as the black and orange colour scheme, and the detail on the stickers, although we all prefer printed pieces. And what may attract a more adult audience to it are those bright orange claws which are very rare and also very awesome which are only found in two other sets.

The Minifigure

The one minifig in this set is another diver, Axel Storm, who like all the other has front and back chest printing, both really detailed designs, the trans green helmet and life system and those lovely lime green flippers. He has a double sided face which is always a plus, one side showing a happy somewhat cocky face and the other a more scarred frightened side that you'll expect when you run into a giant under-sea crab. His two accessories are another one of those very rare exclusive treasure keys, this one orange, and another black plain harpoon.


Like all the Atlantis sets this one includes a very playful creature. With all it's opposable limbs it makes this set very fun indeed to play with. The claws on front can also hold the elusive treasure key which is another neat feature of this set. But although it may be a little challenging at times to build it can be very rewarding to play with something that you built yourself.

Value for Money:
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