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This was one of the earlier Atlantis sets and was released in 2009 and is aimed at ages 6-12. It contains 64 pieces for $9.99/£7.99 so 15¢/12p which is rather upsetting for an unlicensed set but is mainly because of it's Shark Warrior. It has two non exclusive minifigures, Captain Ace Speedman and Shark Warrior which are both awesome figures and totally worth getting this set.

The Build

This is an easy build fitting for it's age range but it does use the SNOT technique and rotating axles. It has 22 building steps so can quickly be assembled by small children and quickly get onto playing with it. But this set does have multiple stickers which can be quite daunting and difficult for small children and usually results in either a parent or elder sibling try and do it.

The Raider

The raider is a very easy and quick build. It is a really cool and playable shape for riding round all those sharp ocean bends. It has two nice flick harpoons for Ace Speedmen to shoot at the Shark Warrior and get his key. The two engines can both spin round on axis which makes this simple build not such a simple set but even more fun. There is a space for a minifigure at the back to hold on but getting him on can be tricky and means that you need to take his flippers off.


Like I said above these are two awesome minifigs and in my opinion so are most of the Atlantis figs. The first one is diver Captain Ace Speedman, he has some great printing on him and an awesome trans lime green helmet which is a crazy colour that looks really sick with his cool breathing apparatus and has flippers that can be put on the soles of his feet. The second and one of my favourite minifigures is the Shark Warrior, his unique head piece will make him a must have collectors piece by AFOL and TFOL alike, he also has a brilliant golden trident and that key piece that this whole sets about.


This set is really good for young children, except for the sticker difficulty, as this set is very durable and can withstand lots of play time. As the speeder has two flick harpoons it means that you can try and hunt down and shoot the shark and with these two very fun figs you can have hours of fun making new scenes for them and with the rest of the sets you can make a great little play scene with them.

Value for Money:
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