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Seabed Scavenger (0 Reviews)
400994 b
Item number 8059
Number of pieces 119
Minifigures Lance Spears

Manta Warrior

Price Flag-US $14.99
Flag-DE €14.99
Flag-UK £12.99
Flag-AU $24.99
Ages 7 - 14
Theme Atlantis
Shop@Home Description:
Explore the sea floor, but watch out for danger!

Leaving no coral-covered rock unturned, the 3-wheeled Seabed Scavenger rolls along the ocean floor in search of clues to the location of Atlantis. Suddenly, a glint of light – it’s the fabled green treasure key, guarded by a fierce Manta Warrior! Even with the deep-sea vehicle’s grab claw, spinning saw and flick-firing torpedoes, this is going to be one tough battle! Includes Manta Warrior with trident and deep-sea diver minifigures.

  • Includes Manta Warrior minifigure and 1 diver minifigure.
  • Two flick firing torpedos!
  • Spinning saw weapon and grab claw!!
  • Collectable green treasure key! Collect each one!
  • Measures 10" (25cm) long!
Minifigure Gallery:
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