I am Gamewolf66, and I am here to review this awesome Atlantis set. First off, this is my first review and I would like to make it short. This set was top rated on Lego, and I can see why. The set has many rare elements and colors, and boass of an all-new Naga Guardian Minifigure. The set also has many cool traps, like a huge shark head and two shark statues that come alive. Yes, they are mostly based on sharks. The set also has all 5 Atlantis keys, a new feat only accomplished here. The portal temple measures 18" wide and about 15" tall. So now you can see why it was worth $100.00 U.S. dollars! (I am reviewing this because my friend has this set, not me.) The minifigures included are 3 Divers, Naga Guardian, Squid Warrior and Shark Warrior. Overall ratings: Playability:7/10 Building hardness: 6/10 Details and elements: 8/10 I hope this review helps. Now I must Ninjago-go!

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