This set is a great set for fans of Lego and the Empire Strike's Back movie.This is my 2nd favorite set.I'll tell you why.It comes with a good amount of pieces-815pcs.Great minifigs-The New General Veers,2x Snowtroopers,AT-AT Driver,Luke Skywalker,C-3PO,Rebel Trooper, and the new Han Solo.The set looks amazing too.The AT-AT Walker is pretty tall it self.It only has 3 stickers (which is a good amount for you haterz).Some things don't make sense in this set though.The price is high-$110 (forgot to say this set is only available at ToysRus and we all know that ToysRus is expensive).Another thing that DOESN'T make any sense at all is that C-3PO is in it.What's a droid doing in the middle of a battle field?So that's all folks!I would rate this set a 9.5.

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