Magma Mech (1 Review)
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Item number 8189
Number of pieces 183
Minifigures Rex (Silver) (Version 2)
Price Flag-US $19.99
Flag-DE €19.99
Flag-UK £15.99
Flag-AU $34.99
Ages 7-14
Theme Power Miners
Shop@Home Description:
With its titanium scissor claw arm, the Magma Mech is the perfect tool for catching all of the pesky lava monsters, especially the Firax. Blast through rock or cool it down with the spinning water jet – just don’t run out of water, because it's a long way back to the surface. Includes one minifigure, one fire monster and mech walker.
  • Set includes 1 orange Firax lava monster and 1 Power Miner minifigure
  • Magma Mech features extendable scissor claw arm, spinning water jet drill, and heat-shielded opening cockpit
  • New rotating hydroblaster
  • Retractable claw arm for picking up those pesky lava monsters
  • 183 pieces
Minifigure Gallery:
Rex (Silver, (Version 2))Firax
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