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Blue Bullet (0 Reviews)
8193 Box
Item number 8193
Number of pieces 50
Price Flag-US $5.99
Flag-DE €4.99
Flag-UK £4.99
Flag-AU $9.99
Ages 6+
Released 2010
Theme Racers
    Tiny Turbos
Shop@Home Description:
There’s no challenge too great for this sleek pocket-sized racer!

This Le Mans-style Tiny Turbos racer has aerodynamic lines and slick tires to ensure a victory on even the toughest course! Race into even more fun by adding it to any of the fold-out LEGO® Racers sets, or create a cool racing truck by rebuilding it with 8195 Turbo Tow!

  • Race your super sleek racecar on the fold-out race track, then rebuild with Turbo Tow into a super fast race track!
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