My review for the set, 853301 Alien Conquest Battle Pack:

Description, pros and cons This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Stage an outer space attack with the LEGO® Alien Conquest Battle Pack!
The aliens have landed! Battle the outer space intruders and defend the earthling with 5 minifigures and accessories from the LEGO® Alien Conquest building sets. A great gift for any LEGO Alien Conquest fan.

  • Features 5 authentic LEGO® Alien Conquest minifigures with accessories: 2 aliens, 2 Alien Defense Unit soldiers and a civilian
  • Battle, attack and defend your home planet!
  • Add these characters to your LEGO Alien Conquest building sets!
  • Makes a great gift!

Well, the only thing it includes is minifigures, so here's the pros/cons for them:

  • Pros
  • Two ADU officers, with blaster-type alien smashing weapon
  • Two aliens, with their own blaster-things, great for battling your ADU officers
  • One civilian, so you can tear him from side to side while fighting
  • ADU blasters, some of the first I have seen, I got a ton of sets just for them
  • Cons
  • Not enough minfigures, if they had added 2 more of each faction, it would be a ton better

And that's the only con! :D

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