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Visorak Battle Ram (0 Reviews)
Item number 8757
Number of pieces 189
Minifigures 14 (Nokama, Vakama, Matau, Onewa, Whenua, Nuju, and 8 Visorak)
Price Flag-US $29.99
Flag-UK £19.99

Additional prices:
Ages 7-16
Released 2005
Shop@Home Description:
The ultimate Visorak battle machine!

Shatter even the strongest wall to rubble! Pulled by Visorak, this battle ram can smash though any obstacle the Toa Hordika put it in its way. Combine it with #8759 Battle of Metru Nui to stage the ultimate BIONICLE® clash!

  • Includes 7 mini Visorak figures and 6 mini Toa Hordika figures.
  • Includes glow-in-the-dark elements!
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