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Visorak's Gate (0 Reviews)
Item number 8769
Number of pieces 325
Minifigures Toa Hordika (6)
Visorak (8)
Price Flag-US $39.99

Additional prices:
Ages 7+
Released 2005
Shop@Home Description:
Storm the Visorak's Gate!

The Visorak have built barriers to keep the Toa Hordika away from the Coliseum, but now the heroes must try to storm the gate on their way to rescue the Matoran! The gate is full of dangerous surprises, like walls that lift to deploy giant fireballs and a mini Visorak launcher! Launch the catapult to try and drive the Visorak away.

  • Includes 6 mini Toa Hordika and 7 mini Visorak.
  • Each mini Toa Hordika carries his own silver-colored staff!
  • Includes Matoran writing decals for gate walls!
  • Green string included to make mini Visorak "webbing!"
  • Launch the mini Visorak from the top of the gate!
  • Beware of the massive Visorak Gate fangs!
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