This is not so much a review but rather some reminiscing... I got this baby when it came out in '88, for my 11th birthday, and it was my entire pride, and all my friends envied me for it.

The functional highlights of the car were:

  • steering
  • adjustable seats
  • sleepy-eye headlights
  • 3-speed transmission
  • V-4 engine
  • individual suspension
  • rear-axle differential

Most of the parts worked as advertised, only the gearbox notoriously caused trouble, same as in the predecessor model "Technic Chassis" of 1980. For some reason that I was never able to pin down, the cogwheels often jammed, either blocking the rear wheels or engine, or simply causing the gearbox to come apart.

Over time, I customized the model with various modifications:

  • double tyres on both axles (the extra four being cannibalized from the 1980 chassis), giving it a very bigfooty look
  • engine converted to V-6 (the compartment being just big enough)
  • gull-wing doors (inspired by the DeLorean as seen in Back to the Future)
  • reinforced suspension (two McPhersons instead of one on each point)

Fate: the car may still be in my parents' attic, unless my mother gave it to my niece and nephew, in which case it will be destroyed by now. I'll have to check sometime.

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