Mine Mech (2 Reviews)
8957 box (HQ)
Item number 8957
Number of pieces 67
Minifigures Brains
Price Flag-US $7.99
Flag-UK £6.85
Ages 7-12
Released December 28, 2008 (US and UK)
Theme Power Miners
Shop@Home Description:
Explore the underground with the Mine Mech!

The one-of-a-kind Mine Mech is an experimental mining walker built to go where the other Power Miners vehicles can’t. Its enhanced movement and armor make it perfect for exploration and emergency rescues, and its spinning plasma cutter and crushing claw make it more than a match for any rock – or rock monster!

  • Features spinning saw blade, claw arm, moveable legs to walk or pose model and opening cockpit!
  • Includes miner and rock monster minifigures and accessories!
  • Combine with #8956 Stone Chopper to build the Cave Cutter!
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