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Out of every set I've ever bought or received, I was most excited to get this one. I saved up for this set for months, and I remember the night I was finally allowed to get it. I was so excited that I could barely breathe. We got home and I built it. It was no letdown. I had so much fun with that set, and I still do nearly 4 years later. Out of all the Power Miners sets I own, this one is my favorite. The drill on the front has two parts to it. One is the light grey part of the drill, and the other is the dark grey part. They both spin in opposite directions, giving it an amazing effect. One of my favorite parts was the armor. It has solid walls, unlike most of the other Power Miners equipment. That makes it a ton of fun to ram into the Crystal King without it falling apart, or to drive it off a cliff. It always survives no matter what. I had so much fun with this set. I would recommend it to EVERYONE who has the money.

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