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I was a huge Power Miners collector. In the years they were out, that's the only thing I spent my money on. I don't think my collection would have been half as fun if I didn't buy this set. If you just have one of the ten dollar Power Miners sets, then it may not be that great, but for someone who has almost all of them, it was amazing. I simply couldn't imagine my collection without them. It's totally worth the $20 USD, and the little miner guy that comes with it's just a blast as well! I've found that if done properly, this makes some amazing brickfilms! It's tough to animate, but looks really cool once it's done.


  • Rockmonster
  • Spiky Armour
  • Opening jaw
  • Extremely detailed
  • Just plain fun!


  • Cons!? This set is not only made by LEGO, but it's Power Miners!!!! Therefore, it is perfect!

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