Venomari Shrine (1 Review)
Number of pieces 86
Minifigures Zane
Price Flag-US $6.99
Flag-DE €7.99
Flag-UK £5.99

Additional prices:
Flag-NZ $14.99
Ages 7-12
Released 2011
Theme Ninjago
Shop@Home Description:
Battle for the golden Venomari staff at the Venomari Shrine!

Deep inside the hidden Venomari Shrine, Zane must retrieve the mysterious, golden Venomari staff and the anti-venom hidden inside. As he tiptoes around the toxic snake slime to reach the staff, 2 mini-snakes lunge at him. Can he avoid their razor-sharp fangs and acid spit to escape with the staff? You decide! Includes Zane ZX minifigure, 2 Venomari mini-snakes, golden Venomari staff and silver sword.

  • Includes Zane ZX minifigure with silver sword
  • Features dual snake launch functions
  • Accessories include 2 Venomari mini-snakes, toxic slime and golden Venomari staff
  • Launch the snakes for a surprise attack!
  • Avoid the toxic slime and seize the staff!
  • Venomari Shrine measures over 2” (7cm) tall and 3” (9cm) wide
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