Hello everyone! This is clone commander dominos reviewing the 9443 Rattlecopter. Leave a message on my talk page if you want to say anything.



Kai Zx is the first minifig. He comes with two golden dagger weapons. He also comes with a jet pack that is a bit heavy and can make him fall.

IMG 0958

Fand suei is also included as a villian to arm the rattle copter. He is nicely made with cool design on his body and head.

Lloyd garmadon

Loyd is also included. He has an electric dagger that looks kind of like a light saber. He also carries the constricti staff.


The rattle copter has many interesting features. One is its cool rotors which rotate when you spin them. Another feature is its bomb drop in the center where you put to white snakes which come with the set. You can drop the snakes downward to bombard Kai. On the tail are spinner parts that can be used as spinner. It also comes with two flick fire missles and wings that fold.


It is very stable and can be played with well. The head may fall of though if you play with it to rough. I give it a

9.0 for good play time and great minifigs but it could fall a bit. If you modify it a bit with certain bricks then I give it a 10.0! This is a must have set.