Hello! I am lego613master (also known as Nexus Q. Stormer). I got Cole's Tread Assault in early April 2012. Overall, I think that it was really nice, but my personal feelings are that it's not worth the money, mostly because I'm saving up for another set, but it's still very cool.

Pros of set:
1. The Minifigures are extremely cool
2. The gun on the front of the truck is also very cool and useful for battling my younger brother:)
3. When new, the flip over-transform function works well
4. The blade attack function works flawlessly when "worn in" by several uses
5. The spinner crowns at the back wheels are a very nice addition
6. There are four weapons on the vehicle itself, two ninja swords and two huge machetes
7. The pieces in general are very good for a intermediate/amateur builder with some bricks, but want some monster wheels or more specialty pieces/weapons

Cons of set:
1. When used, on my assault's flip function, when I flip it over, the cockpit is stiff and doesn't turn easily (possibly it's just a stuck piece, unknown cause)
2. When the set is transformed, it's not very cool on the underside
3. After many uses, the blades start to wear out and the fall off/pop out too easily
4. If pushed too hard and fast, the blade attack function jams up against the front wheels, meaning I have to move them out of the way
5. Do not be deceived by the box art. It is a lot cooler on the box than it is for real, mostly because looking straight down on top of the vehicle, the chassis is very open in some areas
6. The ninja swords are a new, thicker mold, meaning the cannot be put into the holder on Cole's back

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