review by clone commander dominos

Hey everyone! I reviewed the rattle copter and now I coming back for this set that I just got yesterday.--ΦΣΩ 22:25, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

Just in case your wondering, the chain the image is not the wreaking ball.

If you want to see how its played wathc this vid!

Skip to 5:16


First off is Kendo Cole. He has kendo armor and a double bladed golden axe.

Second is Loyd. Since I got another one with the rattle copter, I call him "Floyd". He looks exactly like the rattle copter except he now has a axe of epicness.

Third and foremost is the guy who controls the wreaking ball Fangdam. This two headed dude has two red snake guards that cause trouble!

wreaking ball features

  • The wreaking ball itself is like combining epicness with awesomeness. It for one thing is very big! Lets start it out with the head. The head looks like the fangpyre truck ambush head and has a biting lower jaw that consumes ninja! Unlike the truck ambush though, you can leave this guys mouth open when moving. To easilt put a guy in there, stick him into the hole into the top and if you want him upchucked, open the mouth and he falls out.
  • Next up is the treads. These move well but sometimes slide but who really cares. Sadly the treads are like the hail fire droid and their individual lego peices :(.
  • The right of the beast has a cockpit where you can put a guy in there. Nobody can sit down though.
  • The back looks like a car and has lights. It also has a peice in the center where you can put the mini snakes and the snake staff if you feel like it.
  • The tail is a bit hard to navigate and it may fall of so dont use it to much ok?
  • Last but ont least is the wreaking ball part. It can hit Cole far and really does wreak stuff.

total score: 9.5

  • Could be steadier and not topple over as much.
  • The crane part gets in the way when you try to fix things. It also puts alot of weight if you put it the other way causing the thing to topple over and crash.
  • I Had trouble with the center and it got broke alot and it was hard to fix :(

If you like it, buy it!!!!!!! EVERY LEGO FAN NEEDS IT!--ΦΣΩ 22:25, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

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