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The Crazy Scientist

I got this for Christmas - and I am surprised at how good this set is - I tipped this to be the weakest of the sets... Find out more below!


The Box

I don't grade boxes - that is a rather dumb thing to rate - but I'll describe it anyway. It is very wide, but it is small on the sides - only a few cm long.

The instructions came in bad condition - with a continuous curve in them. 2 books, and 4 bags of pieces.


4 figs, 2 are unique to this set.

The Crazy Scientist


I like this figure a lot more than the Collectable Minifigures version, this has a better facial expression, and a better print. I would prefer the belt part of the legs to be white, or prints on his legs to continue the lab-coat design. Good figure.

The Monster


I have to say - I prefer the S4 version of him, I don't like the facial expression, or the colour of his clothes. I don't hate it - but I prefer the s4 variant. Oh, and the figure has back prints, with stitches and such printed. I think it is my job to tell you all that you keep confusing the Monster with his creator. Frankenstein is the scientist who made the Monster - so you should call it "Frankenstein's Monster" or "The Monster".

Dr. Rodney

Third appearance of Doctor Rodney. Another rapier - this is my 5th. Not much else to say - see the Vampyre Castle review for more on him.

Major Q

Just see Review:9463 The Werewolf/CzechMate for a good, in-depth review of him.

The Set

Two major parts to talk about - the car and the laboratory.

The blue junkyard car of destiny


This is an odd looking car - but it seems to fit the set and the theme. Each set has a futuristic-victorian style car, or a vintage customised car - but this is an extremely odd design. There is no actual set for driving the car, so there is a 6 stud room in the middle. The back of the car has a bit for the chain at the back of the prison in the laboratory to hook onto, for an escape part - which is a major role in this set's playability. There is a small side bit which flings out with a flick fire, and a seat made specially to fit Dr. Rodney.

The Prison

The prison is a nice build, and with a nice design. There is a catapult at the top, with ammo of green trans cylinders.


Next to the prison is a small side-desk bit, with a flask, a stethoscope, a potion, a frog, a rat, spider, and a few tools. There is a spider web behind that part, that is pretty much all for that part.

The main tower

This is the main part of the set. There is the well-designed set for the Monster, and can be turned up to where the "electricity is. There is a quite complex design to build the tower, and the design for the light brick is really good - you have two cogs which move together for every time a piece would hit the button, it would look awesome with the electric-red light.


This is a really good set with a load of playability. I would recommend this to everyone.

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- CzechMate