Uruk-hai Army, retails $29.99, is the only set with Eomer and the Rohan solider. It also comes with 4 Uruk-hai. I really like the new helmet, sword, and shield pieces for the Uruk-hai. It brings the flavor of this army to the minifig scale. My only complaint is that they lack the white hand prints that the Orc Forge has. The Uruk-hai siege weapon is the best looking Lego siege weapon I have seen. I will be keeping this exact model intact and not breaking it up for parts. This set also comes with a section of Helm's Deep wall. I really like the contours of the wall. The texture and varition of color makes it seem more real that a single color or flat bricks. It can be attached to the Helm's Deep model as well as another copy of this set allowing you to continue Helm's Deep as long as you want.

I almost regret the inclusion of Eomer in this set and it does detract from the army builder nature. But Eomer is not so unique as to prevent you from having multiple copies on the same battlefield. Of my first three sets, Attack on Weather Top and Gandalf Arrives, I enjoyed Uruk-hai Army the most and may buy additional copies.

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