Attack on Weather Top, retails $59.97, is the only set with Merry and the two (identical) Ringwraiths. It also has the same Aragorn as Helmsdeep and Frodo as Shelob Attacks. It is a challenging build that is best put together by older fans and would be most enjoyed by younger fans. Unlike many of the other LotR sets, I find that it does not capture the spirit of the location from the movie or book.

What it gave up in fidelity to the source material, it gained in an underground location for the minifigs to explore and defend, a trapdoor to door characters, and missles that launch from the side of the set. I found it a challenging build as it uses lots of hinged pieces in order to create a rounded half circle out of straight bricks. It also had a creative use of minifig shaped trophies to include as carvings. Collectors will want the set for the exclusive minifigs. Unlike the Uruk-hai Army, I expect to quickly tire of the set and break it down for pieces to build my own design of Weathertop.

The set also includes as 82 pages magazine style instruction book. Unlike Uruk-hai Army or Gandalf Arrives. This instruction book also shows every minifig in the LotR line and gives the set number for each. It also includes photos of the larger LotrR sets.

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