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9488 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack

This battlepack has great minifigures, but a not-so-great vehicle. The vehicle in question is a scaled-down AV-7 cannon, which is alright, but not excellent. It does have an elevating gun and a flick-missile launcher, as well as moveable legs, but I much prefer more accurately scaled vehicles such as last year's BARC speeder. I quite like the look of the AV-7 cannon in the Clone Wars movie/TV series, but I feel a version this small cannot do it justice. I would love to see a version of it at a more accurate scale. I'm also not so keen on the idea of two factions in one battlepack.

The minifigures are the really great part of this set. The new ARF trooper is great: Its helmet has unique printing that looks great, and the red arms are a nice touch. The torso is that of a regular clone trooper's, which is alright, but the legs are just plain white with no printing and are a little disappointing. However, it means it looks good alongside last year's ARF trooper. The ARC is easily the highlight of this set, and probably one of the best Star Wars minifigures of all time. The helmet is an entirely new mold, made to resemble the helmets of the Clone Wars ARC troopers. This means that they have a Phase I style fin, but Phase II style nozzles (which do not hang over the torso like on Phase II troopers). There is also lots of detailed printing. The torso and legs also have a unique print, featuring a kind of special chestplate, equipment pouch and rank insignia on the torso, and some armor plates on the legs. The back of the torso is normal. I really like the new fabric pauldron and kama, as they allow full movement in the arms and legs rather than the restricted movement caused by the old plastic ones. You can even sit the minifigure down while it is still wearing the kama. The minifigure also features a brick-built backpack, and dark red rangefinders and visors (4 of each, so you'll have plenty of spares). The commando droids aren't bad either, as they have an accurate head mold with detailed printing. They also have a red dot printed on their chest. However, I would prefer that they were black rather than coppery.

This battlepack is more expensive than last year's, which is strange considering that the vehicle is not especially large, the amount of minifigures is the same, and two of the minifigures are actually droids (which are usually cheaper and are often fairly numerous in battlepacks). Look for a sale.

Build is no more difficult or interesting than in any other battlepack. No interesting pieces in the cannon.

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