Since I snoozed on getting the original yellow and blue (with hyperdrive ring) versions of this I was STOKED when I found out Lego was doing this green one and had improved on it so much. The ablility to put all of Artoo in the ship is WAY better than the previous versions where just his head snapped onto the wing, and the Anakin figure looks excellent. Nute Gunray also looks great; this is one of my favorite lego sets and it was reasonably priced. My only quibble (and it's a minor one) is that Anakin should be referred to as Darth Vader, since this scene in the movie happens after Palpatine anoints him as a Sith....splitting hairs I guess? Anyway if you're on the fence about this set, check your couch cushions for spare change and BUY IT!!

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