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Yesterday I went to Walmart and was looking at the LEGO when I saw that they had the new spinners and booster packs! I decided to get this one, Mezmo, and Gandalf Arrives. The very next day I went again and not only were there only three spinners left. But Walmart removed the spinner section altogether and put Hero Factory there.



He is pure blue with holographic lightning on him. Nrg jay DH Not only does he look like he could take on 20 snakes singlehandedly, but he also looks more mature.

The Set:

The crown is a new mold which allows more items to be put on the spinner.Nrg spinner crown The spinner is translucent blue and has lightning on it. Nrg spinner The set includes three weapons which are: a brickmade-golden spear, a gray spear, and a black kantana. Nrg weapons This set includes three bricks for locking the spinner or setting up cards. Nrg bricks Oddly it inluded two instruction manuels, one for building and one listing the rules of the game.


The cards in this set are very cool but the thing that annoyed me was that NRG Jay only had 900 SP. Nrg jay card2 Even his original variant is stronger than this one. His stats are 500 Lightning and 400 Ice. Nrg jay card The "Dual Burst" card requires 0 SP to use and it adds 200 SP to any two powers. Dual burst The "Swap You" card requires 200 Lightning and lets you swap spinners with your opponent. Swap you The "Sizzling Sphere" card requires 400 Lightning and makes your opponent put his cards face-up. Sizzling sphere The "Chain Lightning!" card makes you set up four cards how they did. Chain lightning! Both players get one spin. If you touch more cards than your opponent, you can reclaim a lost weapon.


If you see this or any new spinner for sale,get ti because it will be sold out very soon!

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