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That was not worth it...

To start of I would highly recommend this et to anyone who likes just plain awesomeness!

To start off with the head and hair piece are very awesome. The hair is something that I have needed for my more "proper" minifigures. The head is very funny. He looks extremely geeky with the bandaid in the middle of the glasses he wears. As other reviewers have said it is weird how he is nervous but that was just probably LEGO capturing the face of a geek. The torso and legs there is much to say other that they work on other minifigures better.

However, the real reason I got this minifigure is the accsessories. That is butter on the toast. The mug is cool being the first ever printed mug but eh, the printing wasn't really needed. The laptop was the real need and that was very nice to now have although it took me twenty minutes to open.

The quality however is awaful. The torso and legs are very stiff and the printing is very faded and scrathces off really easily.

All and all I can say that this minifigure is one that you should get only if it going to be on display.

Thanks for reading!

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