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The Conquistador:

I really like his quote, which makes sense to me as I watch Horrible Histories, which was a main reason I bought this. I really like historical minifigures, and this one just seemed perfect.

The figure itself is really good, nice gold helmet, with the red feather. I like his expression, though it'd be funny if his face was more smug, because Conquistadors took the gold from the Aztecs because there was so much, so the Aztecs did not rate it, and obviously, overseas, Gold = $$$. An unprinted dark red body. The arms are actually very loose, which was disappointing. I don't own any other dark red arms, which annoyed me. His armour is good, though, with great printing, which really stands out. The legs are like the arms; fall off easily and bad quality. The printing is good though, even if it is horribly bad Chinese plastic. His rapier is really cool, though it'd make more sense to have a flintlock rifle, or a rifle, really, Conquistadors had both, but used rifles more, well, usually more against the Aztecs, who had not ever seen, or known anything about the weapons they were equipped with.

Anyway, that's all for the review.

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