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Great minifigure!

I got this today, and thoroughly enjoyed getting it. It was easy to know it was him, as he has a HUGE armour piece. I was going to get 2, but realised I'll get heaps in one day another time ;)


The torso piece is excellent, considering you don't actually see most of it when you have the armour on. It includes his "name", which is "Luiz". Very well designed figure. No back printing, which is a shame, as it would be the ultimate package for a minifigure.


The head is very, very well detailed, with a dual-face, you can't go wrong. On the main side, it is orange, and has a printed crosshair. Very good simulation type thing aswell. The second side includes facial hair and what seems to be a cybernetic eye, or just another type of armour. Who doesn't love the look on his face which says "I'm gonna kill you!". :D


The legs are also printed, which just makes you want it more. It's really good how they made the legs look, a bit cybernetic, but very armour like. It also has a utility type belt, which also helps you in Mocs.


It includes the mouthwatering new armour and helemt, I'll start with the armour. The armour is VERY, VERY well detailed and well made, including jet-thrusters at the back and classic space logos on either sides of his arms. The studs on both back and front make it very open for customisation, which is always a good thing. I'm a bit of a Sci-Fi nerd, so the armour is just so useful. The helmet is a good design too, a smaller version of the usual helmet, which is seen in Alien Conquest, and previous Minifigure series. This one includes a well-molded top part, and ear-things. The ray-gun was previously used for the Alien Defense Unit soliders in Alien Conquest. The black goes perfeclty with it aswell. These type of things make you want to buy more, and more of them.



  • New pieces
  • Easy to find
  • Great for mocs


  • Expensive
  • The body armour gets fiddly.
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So, overall, 5/5. Definite buy.

Just to leave you off with a nice picture and warm feeling: