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The Lizard Man from 8805 Minifigures Series 5 comes in a light blue LEGO minifigure packet. You can't see through it so do don't know if you'll get the Lizard Man or the 15 other minifigures in series 5.

Lego Minifigures Series 5 packaging.

The instuctions that comes with him is a really a little checklist. The Lizard Man is number 6 on the checklist.


The Lizard Man comes with 6 parts. A torso, legs, a normal minifigure head, a new lizard tail mold, a new lizard head mold and a black LEGO minifigure display stand.

185px-Dino suit-1

5 out of the 6 parts.

The Completed Set

A nice minifigure really like the new pieces. Goes along well with the Gorilla Suit Guy from series 3. Can you see the Godzilla vs. King Kong?


Awesome set(not really one). I reccommend picking one up if possible. Don't think you can find them in stores anymore though. $3 isn't to much to pay for a high quality figure.


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