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Robin, aka Dick Grayson, was Batman's first Robin. However, he then becomes the superhero, Nightwing and is succeeded by Jason Todd. Robin first appeared in the summer 2015 Super Heroes wave in his New 52 and Teen Titans outfit.


New 52

This version is based on Dick Grayson as Robin in the New 52. He uses the Skater's hair, and Damian Wayne's head. He wears a black cape. His outfit is primarily red, with green and yellow accents. His torso features shoulder straps with the "R" symbol and layered armor on the lower half. He wears a dark green belt with yellow lights above it. His arms are black, and his legs and hands are dark green.

Teen Titans

This version of Robin is based off Dick Grayson in the Teen Titans animated shows. He uses spiky hair in black, and reuses the 2012 Robin's head. He wears a yellow cape. His torso is very similar to the 2012 Robin, and he has dual-colored arms to simulate green short sleeves. His hands and legs are green.


Robin's 2014 variation has the same hairpiece as the 2012 Robin, with a redesigned version of the original Batman, Robin (Tim Drake), variation's face with a larger, more angular green mask and a larger, tilted grin, similar to Nightwing's new face and a second face with a scared expression. He re-uses the new torso. The cape is now short and yellow and the legs are green with red hips.

Classic TV Series

This version of Robin is based on Burt Ward's portrayal of Robin in the classic 1966 television series. His hair is the same as Tim Drake's, and his face shows his black mask with blank white eyes. On one side, he has a determined grin, but on the other side, has a distressed expression. His torso shows his red uniform with yellow details, a belt, and his "R" symbol, and his arms are dual-molded to show short green sleeves, and his hands are green to match. The green lower part of his uniform continues to his legs. There is a section of flesh to represent bare legs, with green boots below. Robin wears a short yellow cape.


As a child, Dick Grayson was part of a circus act known as The Flying Graysons. One night, his parents were murdered during the act. Dick was then adopted by Bruce Wayne, the better known as Batman, who recruited Dick to become his crime-fighting sidekick Robin. After years of serving as Robin and working with Batman and Batgirl, Dick grew tired of being overshadowed and chose to strike out on his own. Around this time, he formed the Teen Titans with other sidekicks and young heroes, such as Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire (one of his prominent love interests and in many portrayals his girlfriend), among others and fought villains such as Deathstroke, Brother Blood, and even Trigon the Terrible. His responsibility as leader of the Titans reached a point where he wasn't able to dedicate time to his other role as Batman's sidekick. Dick then adopted the mantle of Nightwing (a name taken from a kryptonian legend told to him by Superman) and retired his Robin mantle, which would be used by Jason Todd later, therefore dedicating himself to be the Titans' leader full-time.

He returned to Gotham for a time where he restarted his working relationships with Batman and Batgirl, though they became rocky since Bruce and Dick had a difficult working relationship, and Barbara was jealous of his short-lived relationship with Huntress. However, Bruce and Dick eventually made amends, and he eventually worked with the new Robin Tim Drake. He also entered a relationship with Barbara.

Dick Grayson has also taken on the mantle of Batman when Bruce Wayne was lost in time. This all happened before the New 52 started and it soon ended once Bruce came back to get the mantle back in his ownership.

Young Justice

Three Robins are known to be active in the series:

  • Dick Grayson, who later became Nightwing
  • Red Hood, aka Jason Todd. He is currently dead in the series.
  • Tim Drake. The current Robin by the end of the series. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Dick Grayson was raised as one of the Flying Graysons, a family of talented circus acrobats. After the tragic loss of his parents, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne. Dick’s fearlessness and acrobatic skill soon led him to become Batman’s sidekick as Robin, the Boy Wonder!

Agility: 8
Fighting: 8
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 6

Mighty Micros This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

You may think that Robin doesn’t stand a chance in a race against one of Batman’s most dangerous foes, but the Boy Wonder may surprise you! As Bane’s power driller closes in with a load of dynamite, Robin’s racer performs a series of thrilling, high-speed stunts worthy of a circus acrobat. It’s strength and power versus speed and skill, and this is one sidekick who’s ready to leave even the toughest villain eating his dust!
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 6

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