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Rock Powers is a character from the movie The Adventures of Clutch Powers. He was the father of Clutch Powers, and fathered him, although he was frequently away on adventures, until his unexplained disappearance, which may have been a kidnapping by Omega as his last entry in his diary was about the villain.

Background Information

Rock Powers was the father of Clutch Powers. He worked for the LEGO Organization, and had some affiliation with Kjeld Playwell. Playwell could have possibly been his boss. He often disappeared on adventures, leaving Clutch alone frequently. Rock disappeared on one of his adventures one day, saddening Clutch. Clutch held a grudge against his father over the years, since he believed it was his father's fault that he disappeared.

Rock kept a journal chronicling everything that he found during his adventures. Clutch used his father's journal as reference in his future missions, as well as a reminder of his father.


Rock in an image created by Mallock's crystal ball.

After his father's disappearance, Clutch found out through his father's journal that one of his current missions was linked to his father's last mission, through a symbol that appears in both a distress signal from Space Police and in his father's journal. At the final confrontation between Clutch and Prince Varen of the Kingdom of Ashlar against Mallock the Malign, Mallock tries to get Clutch to surrender Varen's Gold Sword, which was the only way to defeat Mallock, by promising him he'll get to see his father. In this confrontation, Clutch refuses to believe Mallock. In the end, it is confirmed to Clutch that his father is alive, as he heard his voice and saw a vision of him.
Rock powers

Picture of Rock


Playwell sometimes tells Clutch about Rock's beliefs on what the LEGO Organization stands for and how it can be accomplished. Clutch states that he always "talked a good game," revealing Rock was someone who knew how to argue his beliefs and was probably very sophisticated and a good person.

Relation With Clutch

Clutch finds his father much more superior than himself, as he never needed to work with anyone, and always tries to live up to his father's achievements. He also blames his father for vanishing, although not enough to make him not miss his father.

Behind the Scenes

The voice of Rock Powers in the crystal ball created by Mallock the Malign was provided by Gregg Berger. Gregg Berger is known for providing his voice in many video games and television shows. Gregg also provides the voice of the Watch Commander in the same movie. Both characters have very short speaking roles in the movie.