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The name of this Minifigure is conjectural.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its actual name is pure conjecture.
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This article is based on a minifigure that was not released.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its was never officially released or produced.
Sea-Tron Alien
Seatron Alien




The Sea-Tron Alien is an unreleased Sea-Tron Minifigure. The theme was never released, and as a result, neither was this minifigure. They were planned to be the adversaries of the Sea-Tron Astronauts. Their legs and torso have strange shapes compared to most minifigures which could hinder them sitting on chairs and riding motorcycles and bicycles as most minifigures can, in a similar way to the later Mars mission Alien Commander.


  • The Sea-Tron Alien design was one of many M-Tron era alien designs by Niels Milan Pedersen that never made it to market.
  • This minifigure concept was one of the main sources of inspiration for the Space Police III minifigure Frenzy.[1]

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