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Secret Plans Are Revealed
Hoth Bricks - LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles Episode I Secret plans are revealed

Hoth Bricks - LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles Episode I Secret plans are revealed


The Yoda Chronicles

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Star Wars

The Yoda Chronicles Mini Movie 1 or 'Secret Plans Are Revealed' is the first of The Yoda Chronicles mini movies.


In the Jedi Temple, Yoda begins taking a class educating four Jedi, along with C-3PO and R2-D2, about the perils of the Galaxy. Yoda tells his students that this specific lesson will be about Jabba the Hutt. Yoda runs a hologram, depicting Jar Jar Binks introducing himself to Jabba. Jabba, who is instantly annoyed by Jar Jar's presence, hits a button which activates the trapdoor Jar Jar is standing on, causing Jar Jar to fall into the Rancor pit. Yoda, amused by the hologram, suddenly feels a disturbance in the Force, and has a vision. The vision shows Count Dooku and General Grievous at Jabba's Palace, making a deal with Jabba, where Jabba hands Dooku a set of plans. Yoda then decides that he must leave for Tatooine immediately.

Yoda leaves the Jedi Temple piloting a Z-95 Headhunter, and is escorted by two Clone Pilots in A-wings to Tatooine. Yoda arrives above Jabba's Palace just as Dooku and Grievous were leaving, but Yoda manages to destroy the Solar Sailer before the two Separatists could board it. Dooku sees Jabba's Sail Barge outside the Palace, with Malakili and Jabba's Rancor nearby. Dooku uses the Force to rebuild the Sail Barge into a starship, and Dooku, Grievous, Malakili and the Rancor leave the planet. However, Yoda fires upon the newly constructed ship, causing the windscreen to break and Dooku's plans to fall out. Yoda opens his Z-95's viewport and attempts to grab the plans. However, Malakili riding the Rancor jump out of the ship and the Rancor rips of the Z-95's right wing and Yoda spins off away from the scene, while Dooku retrieves his plans. Dooku uses the Force to repair his ship, and orders it to leave for Kamino.

Dooku and Grievous land on Kamino and disembark, heading for the cloning facility. The episode concludes with Dooku claiming that with the plans he acquired, he can create a weapon that is able to lay waste to the Galaxy.





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