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Sensei Yang
Sensei Yang



Dragon Swords



“As iron sharpens iron, sensei sharpens student!”
―Yang's motto

Sensei Yang is a character who appears in the fifth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu in the episode "The Temple on Haunted Hill". His grave makes a physical appearance in the set 70751 Temple of Airjitzu. He makes a physical appearance in his ghost form in the set 70595 Stealth Raider 2.0.



Sensei Yang was infamous for being a very strict teacher to his pupils. He was also the creator of "Airjitzu", an fighting style in which a someone can temporarily fly, while using Spinjitzu. After his death, his ghost had been rumored to exist in his temple, and his students were never heard of again. It is also stated that anyone who does not escape his temple before sunrise will become a ghost

In "The Temple on Haunted Hill", the Ninja had visited his temple to receive the Scroll of Airjitzu. After finding out the Ninja's arrival, he planned make them hallucinate and see their worst fears. When the Ninja entered his dojo, he repeated his motto and attacked the Ninja with Dragon Swords. This was meant to scare Cole, as he is afraid of ghosts. While the Ninja try to escape, the temple starts to fill with water, Kai's fear. After Kai manages to open the door and escape, the Ninja encounter Zane's fear, Morro.

Yang with the Scroll of Airjitzu

The Ninja try to confront Morro, but he escapes to the attic, Jay's fear. After conquering all fears, Yang then hands them the Scroll of Airjitzu. However, he informs them that they only have five minutes left, reveals his past students as ghost, and tells the Ninja they will join his students. The Ninja then escape his temple, but Cole loses the Airjitzu scroll. After going back to get it, Cole returns after sunrise, becoming a ghost. While Cole and the others are depressed; Yang starts maniacally laughing.


Sensei Yang makes a brief reappearance in the sixth season of Ninjago. His temple was taken by Nadakhan's Minfortune's Crew. The Misfortune's Crew sprayed water inside his building, forcing him and his students out.


  • Sensei Wu's quote, "Iron sharpens iron", and later, "Iron sharpens iron, and sibling sharpens sibling" may have been a reference to Yang's quote, "As iron sharpens iron, sensei sharpens student!".
  • His grave and temple appears in 70751 Temple of Airjitzu.

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