Serpentine Bus
A Serpentine Bus





The Serpentine Bus is a bus featured in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series. It served as the means of transportation when Skales led the Serpentine to the city of Ouroboros. Its headlights resemble snake eyes, and it has a "mouth" with a snake tongue. Lloyd Garmadon found the bus in the back of an alley as the Serpentine were boarding it. He ran into a shop and bought a snake outfit that made him look like Rattla in order to sneak onto the bus without being noticed. When they arrived at Ouroboros, however, he was discovered and captured, by Mezmo.



  • Lloyd Garmadon sat next to Spitta on board the bus.
  • The Serpentine Bus does not appear in any sets.
  • The Serpentine Bus appears in the Ninjaball Run tornament and it helped Skales break out of prison.

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