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Brad HoggleBrad SpeedoBrad Tudabone
Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic KinesisBraga
Brain Attack
Braintree Grand Opening Exclusive Set
BraptorBrawlerBrawny Boxer
Break Jaw
BreakoutBreakout Heroes Combiner ModelBreakout Villains Combiner Model
Bree PeasantBreez 5.0 and Ogrum combiner model
Breez and Thornraxx Combiner ModelBrian Blackheart
Brian MayBrick
Brick's Yards
BrickMasterBrickMaster Magazine 19Brick (Disambuigation)
Brick BrothersBrick Builder
Brick Builder 2Brick Daddy
Brick Key ChainBrick MastersonBrick Runners
Brick ShopBrick Yellow
Brickbeard's ParrotBrickbeard's Treasure
Brickmaster (Books)
Brickmaster AtlantisBrickmaster Castle
Brickmaster CityBrickmaster Friends
Brickmaster Ninjago: Fight the Power of the SnakesBrickmaster Pirates
Bricks 'n' PiecesBricks 'n' Pieces Christmas 1999Bricks Key Chain
Bricks and More
Brickster's Henchmen
BrideBride (Disambiguation)
Bride (Minifigures)Bride (Modular Buildings)
Bride Mannequin
Bright Blue
Bright Bluish GreenBright Bluish VioletBright Green
Bright Orange
Bright PurpleBright Red
Bright Reddish LilacBright Reddish Orange
Bright Reddish VioletBright VioletBright Yellow
Bright Yellowish GreenBright Yellowish Orange
British Airways
British CommanderBritish OfficerBritish Soldier
BroondjongenBrother 1Brother 2
Brother 3
Brotherhood of MakutaBrown
Brown Monster
Bruce Banner
Bruce SwiftBruce Wayne
Bubba BlasterBuber
BuchumaBuckbeakBucky Butler
Budujemy!Bug BattleBuggy
Build & Test Centre
Build Together
Build with Chrome
Build your own Toy Story Adventures!Buildable Galaxy
Builder's Island
Builder (DUPLO)Builder (Disambiguation)
Builder (LEGO Battles)
Builder Pete
BuildingBuilding Set with People
BulkBulk 3.0 and Furno 3.0 Combiner Model
Bulk 5.0 and Bruizer combiner model
Bulk and Core Hunter Combiner Model
Bullseye (DUPLO)Bullseye (Marvel)
Bullseye (Toy Story)Bullseye (disambiguation)
Bullseye the Target Dog
Bum ShakerBumblebee Girl
BumpyBungee Trampolines
BunnyBunny Suit Guy
Burger HouseBurger KingBurger Ranch
Burt "Birdman" Wellington
Bus Driver
Bus Driver (City)Bus Driver (Disambiguation)Bus Driver (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Bus Driver (Transport)
Business Man
BusinessmanBusinessman (Minifigures)
BusinesswomanBuster Bulldog
Butch CavendishButch Patterson
ButcherButler Bot
ButterflyButterfly Tiara
Buzz DroidBuzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear (DUPLO)
Buzz Lightyear Cube DudeBuzz Minifigure Clock
Buzzy Bulldog
C001 LEGO Star Wars Clock
CDB26 From the LEGO Vaults, Volume 2: 2-disc CD-RomCHI

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