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  • This board is about LEGO rumours and recent news.

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  • Talk about anything LEGO (rumours and new sets go in Rumours and Recent News)

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    Last post by Jonah.pietila 22:21, August 25, 2014

  • For rumours and recent news about LEGO movies, TV shows and games

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    Last post by Zaxzax12 01:35, August 27, 2014

  • For asking questions about anything to do with LEGO

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  • For sharing information about sales and new releases in your country

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  • For Brickipedia community discussions and questions about the wiki

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  • One thread for official themes. Other themes go into the theme request. Other threads will be removed.

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  • Old threads that don't belong in any of the current forums

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Welcome to the Brickipedia Forum! These boards are used to discuss LEGO, and are divided into three forms of discussion:

  • The Rumours and Recent News board is for discussing any new or potentially new information about LEGO!
  • The Sales and Availability board is for talking about great deals and where to buy sets!
  • The Community board is for discussing anything else, as well as site-wide notices.
  • Discussion about Brickipedia can be found at Brickipedia:Forum.

Feel free to start posting! You don't need an account, but you are encouraged to create one. Creating an account does not cost anything, does not require any personal information and lets you view Brickipedia without any ads!

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