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Star Wars Expanded Universe

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The Star Wars Expanded Universe is a Star Wars subtheme of sets which come from outside the Star Wars films and The Clone Wars animated series. This subtheme currently contains six sets, one of the smallest that a subtheme contains.


While more sets were eventually released after 2007, only one was sold in 2004 and the years following it: the 10131 TIE Collection. This set contained a TIE Advanced and two TIE Fighters, all of which were in the Original Trilogy; however, the inclusion of a TIE/d Fighter made this set the first ever in the Expanded Universe line.


The 10131 TIE Collection, the first set to include Expanded Universe material.

In 2007, the 7664 TIE Crawler was released. Unlike the 10131 TIE Collection, this set was the first to be purely from the Expanded Universe. The set also included two Shadow Stormtrooper minifigures which were also exclusively from the Expanded Universe.


The 7664 TIE Crawler, the first full Expanded Universe set.

The next year saw the release of the 7672 Rogue Shadow, which was to tie in with The Force Unleashed, the Star Wars video game and multimedia project released in the same year. The Rogue Shadow, the space vessel that the set was inspired from, was the main ship in the story. The set came with a Battle Damaged Darth Vader, along with Galen Marek and Juno Eclipse, both of whom became the first minifigures in the Expanded Universe subtheme designed to be specific individual characters.

After a one-year break, the Expanded Universe line returned with the release of the 8087 TIE Defender in 2010. The set featured the three-winged hyperdrive-and-shield-equipped starfighter of the same name, and featured a new TIE Pilot with a redesigned helmet modeled more closely on the helmet seen in the movies and other media, along with a Stormtrooper.

In 2012, two sets based on Star Wars: The Old Republic were released: 9497 Republic Striker Fighter, and 9500 Fury Class Interceptor, making them the first sets to be based on events in the Star Wars universe that occured prior to Episode I. 2013 will see the continuation of The Old Republic sets, with the release of the set 75000 Republic Troopers and Sith Troopers Battle Pack, which will also be the smallest Expanded Universe set to be released to date.

In 2014, LEGO released a promotion figure Darth Revan, a sith lord from Star Wars: The Old Republic, in honor of Star Wars day on May 4th.

Darth Revan May 4th 2014 promotion.



Galen Marek, a character from the EU.









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