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9446 Destiny's Bounty



Kendo Jay
Kendo Zane
Lord Garmadon
Sensei Wu

Price: Flag-US $79.99
Flag-DE €79.99
Flag-UK £59.99
Flag-AU $129.99

Additional prices:
Flag-NZ $159.99






9446 Destiny's Bounty is a 684 piece Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu set released in December 2011. It includes Kendo Jay, Kendo Zane, Lord Garmadon, Sensei Wu, Skales, Slithraa, a small shrine which holds the Hypnobrai Snake Staff and the Destiny's Bounty, which is the ninja's new headquarters. It has various secret compartments. It also includes one firing cannon. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Sail into an epic battle on board Destiny’s Bounty!

On a dangerous journey aboard Destiny’s Bounty, an ancient shipwreck, Sensei Wu and the ninjas have located the powerful golden Hypnobrai staff deep inside of the secret snake shrine. As they land the flying ship in the water to seize the staff, Sensei Wu, Zane and Jay get a scaly surprise from the Hynobrai General, Skales, and his accomplice warrior, Slithraa. Sensei Wu fires the ship’s cannon into the battle until his ancient enemy, Lord Garmadon, appears. Can Sensei Wu protect the Ninjago treasures on board without the help of the ninjas? Choose your battle in an epic showdown where the fate of the Ninjago world hangs in the balance! Includes 6 minifigures: Sensei Wu, Kendo Zane, Kendo Jay, Lord Garmadon, Skales and Slithraa; Destiny’s Bounty ninja ship, snake staff shrine, golden Hypnobrai staff and 16 weapons.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: Sensei Wu, Kendo Zane, Kendo Jay, Lord Garmadon, Skales and Slithraa
  • Features Hypnobrai snake shrine and golden Hypnobrai staff
  • Weapons include: 2 golden daggers, big spear, bo staff, 2 sai, golden serrated blade, 4 ninja swords, 4 crossbows and ninja claws
  • Transform Destiny’s Bounty into a flying ship!
  • Fire the cannon shooter with 4 cannonballs!
  • Protect the secret treasure on board at all costs!
  • Stow the ninja weapons in the ship’s weapon racks!
  • Launch the working anchor when you reach the shrine!
  • Measures over 16” (43 cm) long, 10” (26 cm) tall and 11” (30 cm) wide

Minifigures Included


  • In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, the Destiny's Bounty is larger (Cole's Earth Vehicle could fit on the deck) and houses several ninja training equipment and a command center.
  • In the pilot episodes, a ship appears that bears strong similarities to the Destiny's Bounty. This ship has no origin story.
  • When the Destiny's Bounty was destroyed by the Great Devourer, the Ninja are distraught and sad. When the ship is destroyed again on the Dark Island, the Ninja don't even mention it.
  • In the show, the Bounty has golden eyes and teeth on the dragon head. There is no detailing on the physical set, though.



2012 LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter Destinys Bounty00:20

2012 LEGO Ninjago Rattlecopter Destinys Bounty

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