Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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The Crescent
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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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September 6 2014


Legends of Chima

The Crescent is the thirty-first episode, but is the fifth episode in Season 3.


Laval, Cragger, and Eris finish their pursuit of the Ice Clan, but shortly decides to stop, and go back for more Fire CHI, even though Fluminox is hesitant. At the Hunter's Stronghold, their Speedorz are being brought out for battle with the warriors. Shortly into the battle, the gang's Fire CHI, but the Phoenix are there to help! After the battle, much to Tormak's anger, Laval meets Li'ella.


  • First Vardy speaks with his normal voice, then he speaks with Vornon.

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